Location, Location, Location - Storing with Location in Mind

January 9, 2019

Location, Location, Location: Why Location Matters For Storing Equipment

If you have taken a Business 101 class, one of the first and often cited principles is to create a plan around where you want to open the business. The mantra “location, location, location” rings true for a wide variety of businesses ranging from hotels to restaurants to grocery stores. Facilities dedicated to keeping customer possessions safe also factor in location. Customers have to consider location as well when choosing a where to store. The criteria used to choose the ideal location differs a bit from the criteria used by storage operators.


Transporting and storing your things can be a costly endeavor, especially if you relocate cross country. Storage located in the heart of major metropolitan areas may be more expensive than those located in suburbia or rural towns. You have to decide whether cost or convenience is more important for choosing the right location to store your belongings.  

Frequency of Visits

If you expect to make numerous trips throughout the year to retrieve stored items, you should consider storage located close to your home. Companies that store office items and equipment often go with storage located within a short drive of the company office. If you only need access a few times a year, then traveling a longer distance to less expensive storage may be worth the extra savings.

Traffic Flow

The traffic flow factor for customers is to find a facility that is easy to gain access.  Lighter traffic flow is one reason why some customers prefer some storage properties over others.

Close to Active Local Law Enforcement

Although law enforcement agencies are not solely responsible for protecting the assets of local businesses, police departments often make the rounds during each shift to ensure local businesses are not robbed or burglarized. Choosing storage near a local or state law enforcement agency increases the protection given to the storage business. If you are moving to another city, contact the facilities on your short list to find out more about their exact locations. Although Google Maps is a valuable location tool, you should consider visiting the new city before the big move to become familiar with not just the property, but also the amenities offered by the city.