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March 10, 2022

Keeping Your Vehicles at A Storage Facility During the Spring and Summer

With winter coming to an end, let’s welcome in the summer with a few tips on vehicle storage. As the color returns to the leaves and the hot summer air invites you to take road and fishing trips with your boat or RV, it’s time to consider finding a place for your vehicles. When the fun’s over, protecting your investment is the number one priority.

Storage: Protection Against Direct Heat

Vehicles need to be stored somewhere dry, ventilated, and away from direct sunlight. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, climate control is your best friend. In places with humid climates, heat and moisture can lead to mold buildup. Don’t forget to store your car, boat, truck, trailer, or RV after your summer trip. The lack of ventilation and moisture buildup can have devastating effects.

Research storage facilities with climate controlled garages. Climate control prepares you against direct heat and keeps you protected against moisture build-up. In the harsh summer heat, storage is your best friend.

Investing Against Impact Damage

Keeping your vehicle at a facility keeps you prepared for accidents. When your car, boat, truck, or RV is parked in your driveway, you risk the chance of your car getting hit while parked. Storage facilities come with spaces that protect your vehicles against impact damage around the clock.

Accidents happen. It’s your responsibility to prevent accidents the best way you can. Damage caused by tree branches, parked accidents, and random accidents (like a ball smashing through your car’s windows) can negatively impact your investment. Research your nearest facility with vehicle storage today.

Peace of Mind at An Affordable Price

At Mini U, access your vehicles at any time. Whether you’re leaving your RV for a vacation or looking for another place to park your car, you can always find your valuable vehicle. Storing your vehicles in one of our outdoor parking spaces is less expensive than you think

Vehicle storage is the number one solution to protecting your vehicles against cold weather and accidents at an affordable price. Visit your nearest Mini U Storage today and learn more about our car, boat, truck, trailer, or RV storage solutions.