Your Guide to Driving a Moving Truck Like a Pro - Mini U Storage

March 15, 2018

Your Guide to Driving a Moving Truck Like a Pro

Everything is ready for your next move. You sold the house, you packed everything up, and you are ready to get the show going! There’s only one problem… driving that massive moving truck. Driving a moving truck is intimidating and it can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Different rules and regulations apply when you are driving a large vehicle. If you plan on driving a big moving truck soon, take out your note pad! Read more to familiarize yourself with these truck driver tips and hacks to enhance your moving truck experience…. Driving a moving truck is nothing like your everyday car. In most cases, it will probably be the widest and longest vehicle that you have driven in your life. Yes, this drive may feel a little more “shaky” than what you’re used to in your everyday vehicles. Be aware that this drive is going to feel different, but people do it all the time and you are equally as capable! The tips provided below will help you have a smooth drive to your new home!

Pack Your Truck Right

A successful moving truck experience begins with packing up the truck correctly. Be sure to have all your smaller items in boxes. Tracking down small items that weren’t previously organized into boxes is a nightmare. There is a good chance of those items getting lost in the move if they are not packed and labeled correctly. Using boxes will help you keep track of your valuables and it will also help you make the most out of your truck space. Any furniture that is placed into the truck needs the proper protection. All wood furniture should have blankets, padding, and wrapping to avoid scratching or chipping. Protect mattresses with plastic wrap to keep them clean and protected. Take more precaution by disassembling furniture before placing it into your moving truck. This may take more work and effort, but you will be happy when your furniture is still in top condition at the end of your move. Put the heavy, bulky items in the back of the truck. It’s better for the heavyweight to be central. If the back end of your truck is heavier than any other portion of the vehicle, you may run into control issues. Avoid this all together by thinking carefully through your truck organization.

Truck Driver Hacks

Pack Snacks: Fast food drive-throughs are a no go and you may have issues parking in a restaurant parking lot. Of course, stopping is possible but it is always helpful to pack snacks for the drive if you have a long move ahead of you. Get to Know Your Brakes: A new car always requires getting used to new brakes. With moving trucks, this is on a whole new level. Before driving on major highways, take the truck around your neighborhood. You’ll notice you have to break way earlier than what you are used to. Slower is Better: This is no time for a drag race. Take your time driving when you are in this large vehicle. Sure…. it may take longer, but you and your loved ones will stay safe and secure.  

Truck Laws

Be sure to note the various truck laws. There are different rules about speed, passing, chains, and truck stops. These laws may even vary from state to state. Do you research and make sure you do everything you can to avoid trouble.