Store your Lumber in Self-Storage
September 8, 2023
If you’re looking for a way to store your lumber but don’t want to have it take up space at home, then self-storage may be the answer for you. With so many different options available today, such as climate-controlled storage, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Types of Lumber Lumber is a […]
Organize Your Garage
August 10, 2023
Not everyone has a garage, but it is a unique space to take advantage of, should you have the chance. It has always been touted as a man’s space, but if you are a lady looking for her lair, the garage will work for you and your passions as well. Making space in your home […]
Summer Moving Steps for Success
July 10, 2023
Summer is the busiest time of year to move. According to, the peak season for moving is from May until September. This is because school-age children are out of school on summer break. Moving during the summer can be a challenging experience. With the hot weather and long days, staying organized and on track […]
6 Self-Storage Myths Debunked
June 9, 2023
The notion of self-storage is still an abstract concept for those who have never used it before. The advent of reality television shows has thrust the concept into public consciousness, making more people aware of it than ever before. There are some misconceptions and false presumptions surrounding the industry, which is why Mini U Storage […]
Safekeeping those Photos for Self-storage
May 10, 2023
Not so long ago, pictures dominated as a physical medium in society, with the age of smartphones, that has since changed. Photos went from being printed in newspapers, and magazines, displayed in a foyer or tucked away in photo albums to being shared online and hoarded in a phone’s gallery. That is not even including […]
When Is the Best Time to Move?
April 10, 2023
Whether you need to start anew or that big promotion entails upending your life, planning your move is the key to less stress and more savings. Maybe you have a bit more leeway in your timing–and for that, you should plan wisely. There are busy and off seasons for moving, so you should consider this […]
Spring Bicycle
Spring into Seasonal Storage
March 13, 2023
As the saying goes, spring has sprung. Have you sprung for that storage unit for the season? Now is the time of year for rejuvenation, rebirth, and spring cleaning. But this won’t be just another article about spring cleaning. No, this is part of a blog series about seasonal storage and how it can be […]
Courtesy Vehicle
Tips for Renting a Moving Truck for the First Time
January 10, 2023
Whether you decide to do it yourself or you hire a moving company, moving can be a challenge. Since you’re already busy trying to coordinate everything into a seamless move, why not keep up your momentum by considering your moving truck options? It’s easy for tasks to add up quickly while you’re running around on […]
Should You Move In with Your Best Friend?
December 27, 2022
Your best friend is the person you hang out with all the time, so it only makes sense to live with them. But is it actually a good idea? Listening to others’ experiences might make you hesitate to pull the trigger, but not all living arrangements end in total disaster. There are many factors that […]
Thanksgiving Storage
The Beginner’s Guide to Thanksgiving Storage
November 14, 2022
With the holidays rapidly approaching, the concept of self-storage is probably low on your to-do list this season. But if you’re like most people, Thanksgiving for the last few years has been weird and transitional, so this year it would stand to reason that you will want to go all out. That might mean out-of-state […]