How to Get a Handle on Holiday Storage - Mini U Storage

December 12, 2023

How to Get a Handle on Holiday Storage

Despite coming around the same time every year, the holidays seem to sneak up pretty swiftly, don’t they? There are lots of things you’re worried about during this holiday season. Between cooking, cleaning, decorating, and gift shopping, you have plenty to do this time of year. And when it’s all said and done, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up and storing away all of those holiday tools and decorations.

Prevent broken ornaments and tangled tree lights by taking charge of your storage. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your holiday decorations this year, because we have some tips to help you store them safely away for next year. The first thing you will need to do is rent a storage unit from a self-storage facility. Read on to find out what’s next.


Before you haphazardly toss your ornaments and garland into cardboard boxes for next year, prep beforehand to make decorating next year easier. Take photos on your phone of all of the decorations before they are put away. This will help you remember next year where you originally had everything placed. Check to make sure nothing is broken and every light is on.

Sometimes, a light or two will go out on the Christmas tree, and if you’ve purchased a pre-lit tree, you can still remove the stone lights and replace them, though it is a tedious task, it is possible.


Dust your Christmas tree ornaments with a soft cloth. Using a gentle cleaning product, wipe down any outside decorations such as inflatables or lawn ornaments. Your linens should be washed, dried, and folded to save some space.

Your special holiday dishes and platters should be washed, and for any silverware, applying polish will protect it from dinginess and dust. Use a handheld vacuum or a hose attachment on your wreaths, garland, and Christmas tree to get rid of any dust or dirt.


Packing your Christmas tree away back into its original box is difficult, which is why you should save yourself the stress by purchasing a large Christmas tree storage bag. There are also specified containers you can use to pack your wreaths away.

Don’t put away your ornaments into a plastic container without first wrapping them in cloth or bubble wrap and using a cardboard separator to keep them from breaking. A simple sheet of cardboard for wrapping lights around will save both time and money and will prevent tangling.


When you don’t have the space at home or you’re wary of your unventilated attic space, self-storage is the best option. With storage units that come both air-conditioned and climate-controlled, you know your decorations are in a safe spot. At Mini U Storage, we have rentals that are perfect for the off seasons. We have rentals that come with amenities in all sizes, so you’ll never run out of room.