About Dahn Corporation

About Dahn Corporation

National Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Company

Dahn Corporation is a national real estate investment and asset management company with over 40 years of real estate experience and a proven history of success. We have developed, acquired and/or managed over $300 million of self storage facilities.

Key factors in our success have been the quality and stability of our employees, a conservative approach to real investment and management and a commitment to thorough market research.

Five Areas of Expertise Determine Our Success.

ASSET MANAGEMENT— our property portfolio consists of a nationwide group of self storage properties. To manage these properly, we draw upon our knowledge of marketing, financial controls and building maintenance.

Everyday thousands of customers visit our self storage facilities. The daily demands placed on the management team are substantial and require a thorough understanding of self storage operations. With over forty projects comprising over 25,000 units, we are uniquely qualified to manage this highly specialized business.

Our diverse background enables us to provide clients with the highest standards of self-storage asset management.

INVESTMENT/DEVELOPMENT — Our philosophy is to invest and develop in the strongest markets throughout the nation. We are continually updating our market research and exploring new areas of opportunity.

Once an investment is targeted, our staff is responsible for all aspects of acquisition, including contract negotiations, project financing, site design, governmental processing, market research and appraisal.

CONSTRUCTION — By developing numerous properties nationwide we have acquired a unique expertise in construction and property maintenance. As a licensed general contractor, we have the ability to oversee all phases of construction from budgets, bidding and supervision to scheduling and quality control.

MARKETING — Marketing is an integral component of real estate investment and asset management. Long term success in the real estate industry depends upon being able to adjust to changing market conditions. Our knowledge of the competition, demographic trends and customer needs, combined with over forty years of real estate experience, enables us to select the most effective marketing program for a specific asset.

FINANCIAL CONTROLS — We place heavy emphasis on tight financial controls. Operating statements are prepared, reviewed and analyzed monthly. Cash flow and budget projections are prepared regularly and variances are acted upon promptly.

We are proud of our success and look forward to an exciting future. We continue to be dedicated to the highest standards of performance necessary to maintain leadership in the self storage industry.