Prepare for Boating Season

April 11, 2018

Boating Season Prep

Summer weather is almost here and that means our tenants are taking more and more boats out of their storage spots and taking them out on the lake to play. Your boat may have been in storage for quite some time now. Before you head out to have fun in the sun, it’s important that you make sure your boat is in its best condition. MiniU has some easy reminders for you to follow so that you can have a smooth-sailing boating season for Summer of 2018! Boats are similar to our everyday vehicles in the way that they need to be maintained. If your boat has been sitting in storage for months, there are required action items before powering up the engine again. Start with the battery. Be sure to charge your boat battery and then you can proceed to properly install it. When replacing your battery, this is the perfect time to check for any corrosion that may have occurred during the storage period. You might as well double check everything and see if there is any other wiring or materials that will need replacing. Changing the oil is another essential step you must take before getting out on the water. You should do this before and after you put your boat into storage. Nothing is more harmful than running your engine on old and useless oil. Save yourself some major damage by doing a quick and easy oil change and replacing the filter. Don’t get stuck on the water! The first time on the water always seems like a big test run, doesn’t it? Bonus Tip: Turn on the boat engine at home first to make sure that the engine runs properly. If you are floating down the river and the engine can’t turn on…. Well, too late! This may seem like an obvious step but more people miss this part than you would think. After boating season, Mini U Storage will have a boat storage spot open just for you! You can choose any time to bring your boat back. Just make sure to at least take these steps before placing your boat back into storage:
  • Take the battery out of your boat, time for charging up for next season.
  • Wipe all water off of your boat interior to avoid any rusting and molding.
  • Get another oil change.
  • Put your boat cover on to keep it in top condition.
As a boat owner, become the expert and do the research on the necessary action items to take before going out on the water. These are just a few simple and easy reminders before heading out for boating season. Have fun out there!