Organize and Declutter - Key to Productivity

May 7, 2018

Your Key to Productivity

In our individualistic society, everyone’s mind is wrapped around doing more, achieving more, and succeeding more. What is it that truly drives success? Mini U Storage can tell you that your organization level has a direct correlation with your productivity and success. Research shows that a clean space, whether that is your home or your car, typically results in less stress and therefore more productivity. Think about how good it feels to have a fresh and clean kitchen. That feels much better than a smelly kitchen with dishes piled up 3 feet high. Your guide to an organized and successful life awaits you. An essential part of getting any home or space organized is putting anything you don’t use all the time into a storage unit. Storage units are convenient for this because if you decide you want to pull something out later on, you have always have easy access to retrieve what is needed. If you are a person that has a hard time getting rid of things…. You can use these bullet point list as a starting point of things you should get rid of. Start with rooms or small sections to avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • Clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more
  • Clothes that no longer fit
  • Sheets you never use any more
  • Dirty/Old Shoes that are beyond repair (you only need one pair of dirty work shoes)
  • Small trinkets/ decorations that hold no significant meaning: small decorations that sit on counters, desks, and tabletops create a sense of cloudy and cloud your mind)
  • Decorations that are sitting in closets
  • Bathroom products that you haven’t used in 6 months
  • Toys that have been grown out of
  • Old electronics which you have replaced
  • Anything that you don’t use on a monthly basis (or at least give it some thought)
After getting rid of clutter items and placing them into storage, you will have a plethora of room to work with! Trust me, this makes life significantly easier. As said previously, it’s best to organize room by room. Maybe you start with your bedroom, then your bathroom, then maybe your car. The places where you spend the most time are the places which you should begin with. The key to organization is finding a place for everything. Clutter mainly comes from throwing things on the counter or floor and from shoving things into a random drawers or closets. If you create a place for everything to go and you make a habit of putting things away in that specific location, you’ll have a much easier time keeping your space organized. Additional organization tips are listed below:
  • Make your bed each morning. This will give your bedroom a fresh and complete look.
  • Use velcro bands to connect all electronic cords. Cords have a clutter look but these velcro bands make it easy to hide them.
  • Sell more expensive, unneeded items! You can store them with Mini U Storage until you have a buyer!
  • Match your clothes hangers, rather than having a variety of hanger colors and styles. This will automatically give your closet a more organized feel.
  • Continue organizing. A common problem is people will declutter, organize, and then allow it to all come back again. Avoid destroying all of your hard work!
By taking these steps, you will have created more space in your area allowing for a clutter-free environment. Take note on how much more productive you feel after doing so. We guarantee it will amaze you.