Pretend You're a Minimalist by Mini U Storage

June 7, 2018

How to Pretend You’re a Minimalist…

Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram or flipping through magazine pages, it’s hard to miss the light yet bright minimalist aesthetic that’s taking the design and storage world by storm. In a mass consumer goods-driven society, people are taking a step back and embracing a “less is more” approach to various areas of their lives, specifically in home and decor. Embodying minimalism doesn’t mean throwing away all your belongings, though. It means displaying objects that bring you joy and serve a purpose in your home. Here are 4 easy ways to create a fresh, crisp environment and give the illusion of being a full-time minimalist: Light, neutral colors: The best way for a room to appear clean is by using light, neutral colors in design. Pairing similar creams with other neutral tones will allow you to experiment with textures in rugs, pillows, and throws. White walls give the illusion of more space and pair well with warmer pieces of furniture. Decorate with objects that are sentimental to you and pieces that make your house feel like a home. Collect all the wild and “busy” decorations and place them in a storage unit to clear out your decorating space. Purge regularly and as you see fit: Getting into a regular habit of purging through your things will prevent clutter from forming in the future. However, there is no rule you absolutely have to follow. No one expects you to become a full-blown minimalist overnight. Make small goals for yourself and take on one space at a time. Consider the following questions when sorting:
  • Do I need this in my home right now?
  • Does this have sentimental value?
  • Do I have a clear plan for this item?
Consistent storage: In closets, incorporate storage-system solutions, so there is a clear place for everything and it doesn’t become a “junk drawer.” In open areas of your home, use similar-styled baskets and bins to store things like blankets, pillows, etc. Consider also choosing furniture that is multi-purposeful like an ottoman that doubles as shoe storage or a desk that also serves as your bedside table. Environmental touches details: A signature detail of minimalism is incorporating green, earthy elements into your surroundings. Studies show that plants and greenery reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Whether it’s a potted fiddle-leaf tree or a succulent on your windowsill, plants will help create that airy element of minimalism in your home. The key to minimalism is increasing the space and simplicity of your home. Mini U Storage can help get you started on your minimalist journey.