Store Clothing Safely - Check out These Quick Tips by Mini U Storage

August 15, 2018

Quick Tips for Storing Clothes

When you open your closet, you can’t help but feel like a hoarder. You’ve spent years accumulating lots of clothes, and while you don’t want to get rid of them, you need to free up some space in your closet. Moving the clothes into storage lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll still have your clothes when you need them, but they won’t keep taking up space in your closet. Before you pack up your clothing and move it offsite, check out some tips. These tips will keep your clothing in great condition for the long term.

Prepare Your Clothes

Don’t just haul your clothes offsite. You need to prepare each piece first. This is simple. Just wash and dry everything, even if it’s already clean. This will rid the clothing of organic materials that attract beetles and moths. Also, don’t use starch after washing the clothing, as that can attract bugs.

Pack Your Clothing

Plastic containers that offer ventilation are the best option for packing clothes for the long term. Put silica gel inserts inside of the container to reduce moisture, and include some cedar blocks to keep pests away.

Avoid Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Lots of people like to put their clothing in vacuum-sealed bags. It’s a huge space saver, so they can load up even more clothing in a small space. However, these bags make it impossible for air to flow. That could lead to mildew growth. Instead of using vacuum-sealed bags, just get extra plastic containers, so you can pack all your clothing.

Check on Your Clothes from Time to Time

It’s always a good idea to check on delicate items from time to time. Stop by the facility once every four months or so to make sure your clothing is holding up to the elements. If you follow these tips, your clothes should be in great shape, but it’s still good to check.

It’s Time to Free Up Your Closet

You’ve been a victim of a crowded closet for too long. It’s time to clean out that closet, so you’ll have more space. Then, you won’t have any trouble finding your favorite clothes when you open your closet.