Why Do We Hate Moving- Mini U Storage

December 10, 2018

Why do we hate moving day?

Why do we hate moving day? Is the answer similar to the answer we give to the questions why do we hate paying taxes and why do we hate going to the dentist? Is the answer because moving is simply a pain in the butt? When it comes to moving, the reasons for the sleepless nights that comes before the dreaded day go well beyond inconvenience of moving. Here are a few reasons why we hate moving day: It’s a Pain Forget the emotional agony of having Murphy’s Law dampen moving day. Yes, what can go wrong will go wrong, but the real pain on moving day are the sounds of physical agony every time we drop a heavy object on our foot or cut our fingers trying to remove packing tape from a large box. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises, can make the end of moving day appear like the end of a 15-round heavyweight boxing match. No Call, No Show It happens to managers that work in the hospitality industry. Workers invariably refuse to show up for work and worse do not call to communicate the intent to stay home. The result is shoddy customer service and lower employee morale. Moving day is notorious for the broken promise of someone helping you move, but not showing up to make it happen. Another no call, no show trick is to promise to help you move after you fulfilled the same promise for a former friend. Dealing with an Incompetent Moving Company You have to wonder what kind of person would dedicate his or her professional life to moving things for other people. Well, in some cases, the answer is a company that employs movers that do not care about their jobs. The result is a move that falls far behind schedule at best and ends up costing you much more money at worst. Go with a reputable mover such as Two Men and a Truck, instead of having to endure the moving antics performed by The Three Stooges. Bossy Helpers It is your move, which means you should be in charge, right? Not so fast, as many moves include pushy helpers that want your stuff stored their way. How that happens is anyone’s guess, but the fact remains a bossy helper is like pouring the proverbial salt over an open wound. This is particularly true if you enlist the help of an in-law or an overbearing parent.