Plan Your Move - 5 Things That Could go Wrong Otherwise

March 7, 2019

Murphy’s Law: 5 things that can disrupt your move

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” We’re not sure where this Murphy got his wisdom for one of the most frequently quoted axioms, but we know one thing for sure: At one point, Murphy must have worked in the moving business. How else can you explain the glass is the glass-half-empty mentality of Murphy’s Law? Several movies and countless television scenes have lampooned a business that in the words of Rodney Dangerfield “Gets no respect.” Here are three things that can happen during a move that pays tribute to Murphy’s Law.

The Al Roker Jinx

You can meticulously plan months in advance of the big day, but there is one thing you cannot plan even 24 hours in advance.

The Weather

Everything from an unexpected blizzard to an outbreak of severe storms can set you back days. You might encounter a stretch of dense fog that forces you and the caravan off the road for the night. Scorching heat can send engine temperatures through the proverbial roof. Resources like The Weather Channel and weather apps like the one offered by Accuweather can help you stay informed about the weather. However, another axiom rings true for moving: It’s not nice to try to fool Mother Nature.

Traffic Jams

It’s common sense to avoid major metropolitan areas around rush hour. Yet, you can find yourself in a traffic jam anywhere during any time of the day. Weather plays a role in creating traffic jams, but most backups occur because of driver negligence that causes accidents. Keeping in tune to the radio traffic channel is helpful, as is downloading the latest apps that provide constant updates concerning road conditions and traffic bottlenecks.

Transportation Malfunctions

All it takes is for one vehicle in a moving caravan to break down for the entire caravan to shut down for at least several hours. The ideal strategy for preventing maintenance issues is to ensure each vehicle in the moving caravan undergoes a thorough inspection before the move. If you work with a company, make sure the company presents proof that each vehicle has undergone extensive vetting to discover any operational issues. You might also have to contend with property damage, storage problems, or a member of your crew coming down with a serious injury. Murphy’s Law means a number of things can go wrong during a move. Do your part to keep Murphy’s Law from dampening your move by performing research and anticipating what might go wrong at every stage of the process!