Tips for your Long Distance Move by Mini U

April 9, 2019

Driving Tips for a Long Distance Move

Do it yourself moving saves you money by putting you in control of everything, from packing boxes to unloading a truck at your new home. If your move covers hundreds of miles, then the savings become even greater. However, there is one aspect of a do it yourself move that many people often forget.

You have to do all the driving

Moving is a strenuous activity, both for the mind and body. Having to drive from let’s say Boston to Tampa Bay requires learning about a few driving tips for a long distance move.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts got it right for surviving the great outdoors, but preparation is just as important for do it yourself moves. With all the advanced technology, there is no excuse not to download an app that shows the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Moreover, the same app or another app can let you know when to expect traffic delays, especially delays caused by construction projects. Preparation also include a mapping out a strategy for taking five minutes at a rest stop, as well as spending time replenishing the mind and body with a hearty meal.

Sleep it off

The urge to complete a long distance move in a time that finds its way into the Guinness Book of World Records can end up creating a logistical nightmare. There is a reason the federal government places time restrictions on over the road commercial haulers. It’s called sleep, and if your long distance move takes two days to complete, make sure you spend time in slumber land reenergizing your mind and body You need both to be at full strength to finish a long distance move successfully.

Limit Distractions

Driving an unfamiliar van or a truck requires more focused attention than the attention needed to keep a familiar car on the straight and narrow. You’ve heard the lectures about not texting and driving, as well as reaching for a quick service food bag sitting on the floorboard.

Heed all lectures that pertain to distracted driving.

The cargo you’re hauling is worth a small fortune, but you cannot put a price on the loved ones that sit in the front and back seats. Pay attention to the road by limiting distractions, and that includes any infotainment devices built into the vehicle.

Professional movers have gained considerable experience driving vehicles cross country. Take a page of advice from their books by following a few common sense driving tips for a long distance move.