How to Pack Glassware by Mini U Storage

May 9, 2019

How to Pack Glassware

You have checked off almost everything on your moving to do list. You have hired a licensed and bonded mover. Your most expensive furniture have been properly protected against impact damage. You even made arrangements to have the family dog moved in supreme comfort. Now, you have to complete your moving to do list by accomplishing one more task.

You have to learn how to pack glassware.

First Things First

The goal for packing glassware correctly is to prevent glass from breaking, which is typically caused during relocation because of strong impacts triggered by sudden van or truck movements.

Your first step in packing glassware involves collecting all of the things you need to get the job done right. Find a sturdy medium size box, packing paper, and soft material, such as a towel or a small blanket. You can also use bubble wrap to prevent glassware from hitting each other. However, bubble wrap is a material that is difficult to recycle. Hence, use it as a material of last resort.

Get the Box Ready

You can also use newspaper to create a solid buffer between glasses. If you opt for newspaper, make sure to crumple up several sheets at a time to place between two glasses. Crumpled newspaper will provide more than enough cushion for glassware to avoid hitting the bottom of the box.  Newspaper will also prevent accidental dropping of the box from breaking glassware. If you plan to use a soft cloth like a towel, create a thick enough buffering layer to prevent glassware from contacting each other.

Big Before Small

The heaviest glasses should always be wrapped and placed on the bottom of the box. The last thing you want outside of a mover that is late is for a top-heavy box of glassware tipping over and spilling out the contents on to the floor of a van or a truck. Lighter glasses on top will stabilize the box, which you should place by itself against the wall of the moving van or truck.

Glassware Wrapping

Although wrapping is not considered a science, it does require a unique technique that keeps glassware from breaking. Stuff the bundled newspaper or soft towel inside the mouth of an individual glass. Then, wrap the remaining material around the glass until the material runs out. You want a completely covered piece of glassware that remains stable inside of the box. If you master the wrapping technique, you can try wrapping two glasses for packing, which will save material and save you time on your move.

Finally, the time has come to place the box inside of the moving van or truck. Ideally, you want to place the glassware box away from any objects that can possibly fall on the box during transport. The worst sound to hear during a move is the startling sound of glassware breaking in the back of a moving van or truck.