Why You Should Store Your Boat or RV at a Facility

November 8, 2019

Why You Should Store Your Boat/RV at a Facility

When the leaves start to turn colors and the wind begins to howl more often out of the North Pole, the time has come to put your boat or RV under wraps for the winter. You have several ways to protect your investment, using a business devoted to storing boats and RVs a sound decision for several reasons.

Protection against Old Man Winter

Prolonged exposure to ice and cold can degrade the rugged construction of the toughest RVs and boats. By placing your boat or RV in storage offsite, you can expect a climate control system to maintain the proper temperature and humidity level throughout winter. If you live in a warmer climate, but still need storage for a couple of months, a climate controlled unit will prevent tropical moisture from dampening your day. You also protect your investment against the damage caused by salt.

No More Impact Damage

When you store your boat or RV at businesses devoted to providing around the clock protection, you avoid the types of impact damage that occurs when your boat is stored at the marina or your RV sits in the driveway. Other boats can run into your boat and your RV is susceptible to the impact damages caused by falling branches and tree limbs. If you opt for dry storage at a boat storage business, you might have to deal with the damage caused by the impacts made by other boats moved around by the employees of the business.

24 Hours a Day Access

Storing a boat at a marina or securing an RV at a vehicle storage facility often restricts when you can access your prized asset. With a facility dedicated to delivering 24/7 security, you can access a boat or an RV whenever you want. In addition, many businesses operate several facilities, which allows you to choose the facility closest to your home. You can also go with a business that is located close to the body of water where you ply your boating expertise.

Affordable Peace of Mind

Will the peace of mind you get by storing your boat or RV at a facility cost you a lot of money? The answer is no because you can expect to spend less money storing your boat or RV at a 24/7 facility than the money you can expect to spend docking the boat at a marina or parking the RV at an RV park.