5 Resolutions This Year for Your Storage

December 9, 2019

Happy New Year: 5 Storage Resolutions for 2020

With the Thanksgiving gorging behind us and the end of the year fast approaching, the time has come to participate in an annual ritual of futility called New Year’s resolutions. From losing weight to changing careers, most of us take the time to plot out the chain of events that will define 2020.

If only we stick with our New Year’s resolutions.

For 2020, let’s change the focus of our New Year’s resolutions to something that we can achieve. Let’s make five storage resolutions for 2020.

I Resolve to Organize My Unit

When you dropped your stuff to the unit, you probably did just exactly that: you dropped your stuff and drove away quickly. After all, moving stuff into storage is not the most pleasant thing to do. With winter keeping most of us indoors, the time is perfect to organize your unit. From labeling boxes to stacking items on easy to assemble shelves, you will create an organized unit that gives you instant access to the stuff you need.

I Resolve to Move Holiday Decorations Out of My Home

After the holidays, what do you do with your decorations? If you are like most people, you probably put all of the holiday themed decorations in the basement or in the garage. What a waste of space. You will not need the decorations for another 11 months, so why not move the decorations into storage to free up more space in the garage or the basement.

I Resolve to Renew the Unit Contract

Sometime during 2020, you can expect to decide whether you want to renew your unit contract. With all of the benefits of keeping some of your things off site, the decision whether to renew should be an easy one. Pay attention to deals your storage unit operator offers throughout the year and try to renew your contract when the price is right.

I Resolve to Tell My Friends

Storage unit businesses thrive on repeat business, especially customers that stay with companies for years on end. To reward customer loyalty, many proprietors offer customer referral incentive programs that discount the cost of a unit. Check to see if your proprietor runs a customer referral program and if there is one in place, start talking up the business with your friends and family members.

I Resolve to Keep My Unit Clean

Nothing irks a unit operator more than having to clean up after customers. In fact, there is language in your contract that describes the ramifications for not keeping your unit clean. Open food containers are like sending a rodent an invitation to raid the unit and chew up the proprietor’s property. If you plan to make several visits to your unit each year, resolve to clean up the unit after you close the door and set the lock.

You might not start a new hobby in 2020, but now you can get a head start on making sure you are getting the most out of storing your stuff off site.