Tips For How To Prep for a Last Minute Move- Mini U Storage

January 8, 2020

How To Prep for A Last Minute Move

Under the best circumstances, relocation requires at least a couple of months of meticulous planning. What happens when you have to pack up the truck for a move that is to take place in fewer than seven days?

Yes, moving is one of life’s least welcomed events and yet, we trudge on with a game plan that gets us to point B from point A in an efficient manner. However, “trudge” is not the word to use when describing a last-minute move. Whether you have to leave town because of a career move or for a personal reason, you need to know how to prepare for a last-minute move.

Let’s review a few tips on how to make a last-minute move as pain free as possible.

Start with a To Do List

Many of the things you need to pull off a successful move in regular time apply to a last-minute move as well. A detailed to do list that follows a logical sequence is even more important when the sands of time are running out for your move. As with any to do list, include deadlines for each task on your last-minute moving to do list. Start by categorizing the stuff in every room that needs to be packed and end your list with a reminder to shut off all utilities and to forward your snail mail.

Delegate the Small Stuff

You cannot expect to complete every task on your relocation to do list by yourself. Delegate the little things, such as packing up kitchen accessories and cleaning out the basement. With not much time to get ready for a last-minute move, the more things you can delegate, the smoother the move will go. Lean on trusted friends and family members to keep you on the right relocation track.

Find Moving Supplies

For a standard move, you should have more than enough time to find free boxes and other types of moving supplies. With your head spinning with multiple tasks to complete within a short period, finding free moving supplies for a last-minute move might not fit into your hectic schedule. Instead of tracking down free packing boxes at local businesses and searching for packing tape at bargain basement prices, shop for supplies at the moving companies operating in your area. You might find a mover that will give you a discount on bundled moving services that include supplies.

Moving Essential Bags Will Keep You Sane

Because of the nearly frantic pace of a last-minute move, you might neglect to keep essential items nearby for quick access. We are talking about items such as toiletries, important documents, and electronic charging devices. Designate a few bags as the storage vessels for everything you immediately need.

Finally, make sure to give yourself some time to relax. Relocating on short notice is not like cramming all night for a college final exam. You should enjoy occasional down times to rejuvenate both the body and the mind. Humor is also a nice strategy to lighten the mental and physical demands of a last-minute move.