Relocation Research, or Adapting To New Environments 101

April 10, 2020

Relocation Research, or Adapting To New Environments 101

When moving, whether it’s across the city, across a state, or across the country, it’s important to think  about where you’re going, not what you’re leaving behind. Often when you arrive at your new home you  have a lot to worry about. Moving furniture, discussing room layouts, getting friends to assist on the  move. Even if you have a month long storage rental, you won’t want to waste any time. Once you get  moved in though, then what? You might find your new home or apartment is smaller than you thought.  Maybe you have found having a more open floor plan just makes you a little more comfortable. Keeping  even a small storage locker can make moving things in and out of your home easy, especially in rented  spaces where you may not have a basement or attic to keep anything in. 

  Once you find yourself settled, you commute to work, you see the new highways, and get used to new  byways, and everything on the main stretches of road between points A and B. But how much do you  really know about the new town you’ll be living in? Even if you used to live nearby, moving into an area  can really change your perspective. Here are a few good tips to help you get settled in and used to your  new home! 

Hunting and Gathering

  One of the most obvious places to start is with local restaurants and major chains. Maybe you used to stop  at McDonald’s every morning, but now a Wendy’s is what’s closer to you, perhaps the burger place down  the street is now on the other side of town. Locating the restaurants closest to you, even locally operated  businesses, is important. Oftentimes moving from place to place can make you want to drive a ways to  find a business you recognize, when a better local option is right down the street. Using the internet, with  apps like Yelp, can vastly improve your odds of finding a new favorite place to get good takeout. 

     Furnishing Your New Living Space 

    When it comes to long moves you may have left some things behind. Large heavy furniture can last a  lifetime if well constructed, but it probably won’t fit in the back of your car. You can locate nearby  furniture wholesale outlets, or pick up on local signs for garage sales if you pay attention to handmade  signs around your neighborhood. Friends and family may have furniture they no longer need, as well,  don’t hesitate to bring it up in casual conversation, you never know what others may have just laying  around.    

  Don’t Let Life Pass You By 

   On your drives to and from work, the gas station, the grocery store, you may never notice that there’s a  public park just a block or two away. There may be world famous bars, restaurants, or vacation spots only  a short drive away, and because you’re unfamiliar with the area, you might not realize how close you  really are. Take a day off to explore, either by using a map or two, or by just driving off the beaten path.  You never know what favorite spots you may find tucked away just beside your home or business, and it  can make the stress of a move that much easier to bear.   

 Make New Friends 

  Getting used to a new location or job can be intimidating, don’t wait for others to invite you to come  along with them after work, find a new hotspot and invite them. Having a good friend or co-worker to  help acclimate yourself to the new environment is an important step in feeling like you’re properly moved  in at your new home. It can also help you feel more welcome at work. If you find yourself working from  home, you will find local establishments often attract crowds of similar tastes to yourself. There is  nothing wrong with becoming a regular at a local restaurant or coffee shop, it can help you feel more  connected and at home in your new place.