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May 12, 2020

When to Know You Need Storage

Storage businesses can be intimidating, you wonder what could be worth yet another monthly charge? At the end of the day it’s very simple. When you rent storage, you are paying for not just a warehouse-style space or a locker, but peace of mind. When you have a storage area to call your own, it is often just enough space to truly change how you store your belongings at home. At the end of the day, that is what storage is for. Allowing you to have the space you need in order to make your home more livable. 

When you have so many things storing them will always be an issue, and of course, much of it may not be your fault, inheriting belongings from family, or finding yourself forced to downsize into a much smaller home due to economic reasons can leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless. There’s no shame in renting storage so you have the time you need to decide what to do with all your belongings. 

In the event that you do decide you need storage for all your belongings, you have options. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious about the space left in your home. Here are a few telltale signs you may simply have ‘too much’ stuff and need a storage area to alleviate some of the pressure on your home, and yourself.

Spare Rooms That Aren’t Spare 

  You moved into a bigger space because you planned on using that extra room as an office right? But now there are boxes stacked to the ceiling and you can barely walk in or out of that room without feeling like you could trigger a box avalanche at any time. What happened to your vision of a quiet room with a few framed paintings and a lovely desk for you to relax in? Life’s plans often get waylaid with the reality of the situation, and when that happens, sometimes renting storage to help manage those things is your only option. Chances are this only happened because your attic or basement just wasn’t as large as you had anticipated. 

No Longer Being Able to Park in Your Own Garage 

  Have you given up on storage because your garage has all the space you need? If you opened your garage door would things come tumbling out? What if all that was unnecessary, what if you could have the space you need and still fit your car inside your garage? Even if you still wish to use your garage as a  storage space, keeping the things precious to you in your own home, a small, cost-effective storage space not much larger than a closet could be all you need to make enough space for you never to need to leave your car outside overnight again. After all, your garage is primarily for storing your vehicle, not a dozen large boxes that just won’t fit anywhere else. 


  Perhaps you realized your monthly rent was just too much for you to keep up with? Maybe you no longer have a roommate, or perhaps things simply didn’t work out the way you hoped. Whatever the cause,  you’re shrinking from a three bedroom to a two bedroom, from a house to an apartment. Now you have seven room’s worth of things, and only four to keep them in. There is no shame in admitting you simply don’t have a place for all your belongings to go, and of course, no shame in renting a small storage space to help you find a place for all the things that you want to keep. Whether you’re looking for a place to keep personal belongings, or if you have something more than won’t fit in your home, like a trailer which used to rest comfortably in a garage you no longer have, storage is the right move for you. 


Whether it manifests in the form of you feeling like every room in your house simply has too much in it,  or if you have an entire room dedicated to clutter, having too much stuff and not enough space can really stress you out. Even if you have things well managed, and can move about your house freely, sometimes you might have a garage lined with boxes, cabinets full to bursting, your child may be moving away from home soon, or you might need to plan for a future where you have more things than you know what to do with. There are a hundred reasons why someone might need extra storage space, more than their home can possibly offer. No matter what the reason, you can be certain that getting a few things out of your  house for a bit will let you think more clearly and sleep more easily, maybe even help you decide what to  do with those things.