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July 9, 2020

Why You Might Not Want To Hire A Mover

When it comes time to move, you might be tempted to hire a third party service to help you get from A to B. While this offer is tempting, how can you be certain it’s the right option for you? That’s just it, you can’t be certain. Even a well-reviewed mover can let you down, or you can feel like you probably paid more than a bit too much for a service you didn’t ultimately need. If you want to avoid feeling burned by your local moving company, here are some helpful tips to get you out of one place and into another.

Even the most experienced movers might not be prepared to handle certain fragile or heirloom furniture. Old fashioned furniture can be far heavier than modern furniture, though this is often a marker of quality, sometimes it can just be a pain. Many moving companies can tack on an extra fee for overweight or ‘delicate’ items. If you have any friends, neighbors, or family, offer them some pizza, coffee, or other treats and make a little moving party out of getting your stuff out of one home and into another. You’ll find that moving with people you know helping you can be much less stressful than strangers insisting on handling everything themselves.

Renting a moving truck can be intimidating, but you’d be surprised how simple modern moving trucks can be to handle with a little awareness and preparation. Even if you feel that you are not up to the challenge, you can, once again, rely on friends or family, talk to your coworkers and simply ask if they’ve ever driven a moving truck before. Many self storage companies offer moving truck rental from their locations, including Mini-U, this can be your easy-in to renting a truck that fits your needs.

Moving trucks actually come in a variety of sizes, they can be large or small, as small as a conventional pickup truck or an ordinary van. If you’re anxious about driving a ‘moving truck’ you can always consider these smaller options. Perhaps you only live in a studio apartment and you can easily get everything you need in one or two trips with an ordinary van, but don’t have one available to you. That can be easily handled by simply talking to the storage experts at your local storage company, and seeing if you can bundle your moving vehicle with a small unit, or simply renting a vehicle from that location.

Ultimately your decision is up to you, of course, and a moving company can be your only option if you’re not a terribly social person, but you do have options, and it’s always wise to consider them. Contact your local moving truck rental location today for a quote, compare prices, give it some thought. If you need it, Mini-U offers competitive pricing on truck rentals so you can get where you’re going faster and easier.