How Much Space Is Too Much Space- Mini U Storage

August 10, 2020

How Much Space Is Too Much Space

Self storage is so simple, so easy, and so convenient that it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself overthinking it. What size unit do I need? This question gets asked by everyone considering self storage sooner or later, and the answer is unique to each and every person. When you’re considering what you need, start with what your goals are. Do you plan to move, and need enough space to keep everything in your house stored for a month or more? Maybe you’re a student looking at moving into a dorm but can’t fit everything you need in your new, smaller living space. Perhaps you’re on an extended trip for work, and keeping everything in a hotel room just isn’t possible. Whatever the need, big or small, if you start from a larger goal and work backward, you can solve problems as they appear. The next issue you may have to tackle would be concerned over how delicate the items you’re planning on storing are. Stacking cardboard boxes full of things is all well and good, but if you aren’t careful, over the years a heavy box can slowly crush a lighter or less full box stored beneath it. Careful planning and foresight will save you no end of trouble when preparing for long-term storage. Furniture can often be adjusted, set upright on its side, stacked, or otherwise made to fit in a smaller space or serve to hold up other objects you wish to keep stored. Incredibly sensitive or delicate items might require climate controlled storage, especially papers, documents, or books. Antique furniture and other such heirlooms too should be kept in a fairly open space to allow airflow, so it’s not recommended to pile too many things together. Over-stuffing a storage unit might seem like a good idea in the short term, but you can quickly find out the hard way that leaving things squished together for several months or years doesn’t always turn out well. Consider measuring the rooms in your home, a tape measure and a few minutes is all it takes to find out how many square feet of space your closet already holds. From there it’s easy to get a solid idea of exactly what kind of space you really need for storage. A closet alone can sometimes be enough to fit several boxes, even a couple small pieces of furniture, and what may be a ‘small’ room in your home is in itself large enough to fit several rooms’ worth of belongings in. What you may fear will turn into a money sink can actually be money-saving, once you realize that you don’t need a giant storage unit to keep everything you wish to store in. Careful estimates and planning will show you just how manageable your goals might actually be. Finally, once you’ve figured out how much space you need, you can always rent a smaller or larger unit depending on how things actually shake out. Mini-U offers month-to-month rentals, so there’s never a long-term commitment or unwanted bills for months to come. Online reservations are available now, so come store with us, and find out exactly how much free space you really have in your home.