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September 10, 2020

Get Everything You Need In One Trip

Moving can be a pretty stressful effort in anyone’s life, and it’s for that exact reason that anyone can benefit from a fast move. It may at first seem like you won’t need a whole moving truck, especially for smaller moves. Maybe your furniture can be easily disassembled or is relatively small or light. You moved these things into your home without a truck, right? Why would you need anything more than your SUV, or maybe a friend’s pickup truck, borrowed for the weekend. Even if you’re only moving a single apartment’s worth of things, maybe only a dorm room, renting even a small truck can help significantly.

Imagine the move day, you go to load all of your things into your vehicle, and then you drive to the storage, to your new home, to your destination, and then you unpack. Then you make another trip, and another, and another. Before you know it, the sun has set and you have spent the entire day just getting from point A to point B. Does anyone actually want to do that? It can be especially frustrating if you are using your days off from work, as well, you’ve kissed this Saturday goodbye, all so you could make several unnecessary back and forth trips in your motor vehicle of choice.

Many storage companies offer on-site truck rentals for you to take advantage of, they are almost always incredibly affordable, and come in a selection of sizes. If you are anxious about driving a big truck for the first time, you can always rent a smaller truck, perhaps even just a van. Depending on how much you need to move, those alone can turn a repeat trip into more free time. Time spent unpacking, or getting your bed put together for a well-earned rest. No matter how you look at it, it’s practically never worth the time and aggravation to tough it out and try to do everything yourself.

If you really want to see how much time you can save, consider a storage business that offers on-site supplies as well, like Mini U Storage does. You simply rent your truck, purchase the supplies you need, then take them with you to your home, office, or apartment. Now you have everything you need to get moved into your new storage unit and it only took one round trip. That’s not just efficient, it’s a huge pain off of your back. Worried you don’t know exactly how many boxes you might need? Our packing supplies are inexpensive, so you can afford to stock up, excess can always be used later, it’s not as if a cardboard box goes bad right? Once you have everything packed and have your rental truck full, you can unload, return the truck, and go home.

Convenience like this enables you to get everything you need to get done as quickly as possible. Careful planning and foresight are worth every penny, but without your storage business offering you the supplies you need to get your move done there isn’t a lot you can do. Contact us today to see what we can help you accomplish today! You can reach Mini U Storage online at customerservice@miniustorage.com or by phone at (866) 916-4648.