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November 12, 2020

A Dime Today Can Save You A Headache Tomorrow

You know you need to move, so where do you start? This blog has talked a lot about helpful tips for a move, what you should avoid, or beneficial plans to save a dollar or two. When it comes to a move though, few things will help you like experience. You can read a hundred helpful tips and still feel as if you are overwhelmed or have no idea where to go or what to do next. This blog is going to give you a few less tips and a more comprehensive step-by-step guide to help orient yourself during a confusing time.

First and foremost, think about where you are now, and where you are about to be. How big is your current home and how big is the home you will be moving into? That’s an excellent place for anyone to start. If you are moving from a larger space into a smaller one, then obviously that presents a set of complications you might feel overwhelmed by. Moving from a smaller space into a larger one, however, can be similarly daunting for the opposite reason. Of the two, the first is probably the more challenging, so let’s start there. When you downsize, you may be tempted to tough it out and put everything into boxes, or even hand furniture off to family and friends ‘for now’. That can ultimately prove to be a huge mistake, as there’s no telling when ‘for now’ is over.

During a move, short-term solutions present themselves all the time, and it can be tempting to take them. Packing everything down tight into a mere handful of boxes quickly turns unpacking into a nightmare, and can leave your new home in disarray during the entire ordeal. It’s much easier and quicker to rent a storage unit for only a month or two in order to fully transfer items than it is to struggle with packing and unpacking things as efficiently as possible, only to accidentally stick yourself with a challenge later. Peace of mind immediately might never be worth the long term headache you give yourself.

Now what about the other side? What if you are moving into your first ‘real’ home out of an apartment? Well that still presents challenges, just not the ones you might think. Your new home will quickly become cluttered as you, freed from your smaller abode, quickly fill it with all manner of furnishings. Instead, careful planning is still required to allow you to make the most of your new space. Clutter can quickly fill any space, even a much larger home, if you allow it. When moving into a new place, it can help to move only what you absolutely need, and leave everything else in a storage unit at least for a brief time. Acquaint yourself with the new space in which you will live, set your furniture where it needs to go, and then slowly but surely fill in the empty spots with only what you need. This ensures your new living space will feel truly your own, and you will not accidentally make what should be a fresh start into more of the same old, same old.

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