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December 10, 2020

Moving Out of State During a Pandemic

Relocating to another city located in a different state requires meticulous planning and a healthy dose of patience. The Coronavirus pandemic has introduced us to several more hurdles for completing a successful out of state move.From social distancing to shelter in place orders, let’s see how you should be moving out of state during a pandemic.

Different State, Different COVID Restrictions

COVID restrictions differ among the 50 states, with some states imposing strict stay-at-home orders and other states barely changing the way residents move about. Trying to relocate to large cities such as Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Francisco might present a considerable challenge because of strict lockdown orders. The first item on your COVID relocation to-do list is to gain a thorough understanding of the COVID restrictions imposed by the state where you plan to move. You should also understand how the city where you plan to move has implemented mitigation measures.

View Properties Via Virtual Tours

Many realtors embraced virtual tours before the pandemic because the technology saves both money and time. In 2020, virtual tours have become a fact of life for both prospective renters and homebuyers. After you speak with a property manager or a realtor, you should ask for a virtual tour to view the property. Here are some of the important features to view during virtual property tours:

Security system
Closet space
Window views
Type of flooring
You should also ask to speak with the realtor or property manager via a platform like Zoom.

Research Local Resources Before You Move

Knowing about the local resources in the community where you expect to live is savvy planning before relocation. In the era of the Coronavirus, it is an essential step in the relocation process, especially in states that have closed non-essential businesses. Knowing where the local restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies are should ease the stress that is commonly associated with an out of state move.

Make Your New Home Wi-Fi Ready

Because of COVID restrictions, getting around your new home out of state might be difficult to do. This means having a flawlessly operating Wi-Fi service working in your new home on day one is critically important. Schedule installation of a Wi-Fi system before you pack up your things for relocation.

Select a Safety First Mover

The moving company that you decide to hire should follow every COVID-19 safety precaution. From sanitizing the entire moving truck to movers wearing CDC-approved masks, you want to protect you and your family from contracting the virus. Store extra sanitation supplies like Lysol hand wipes in your vehicle and follow the six-foot social distancing recommendation as much as possible.

To make relocation in the era of COVID-19 easier to take, consider moving into a furnished home or apartment. Look at relocation as a transition in which a furnished unit allows you and your family to ease into living in a new city and state.