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March 10, 2021

Navigating Clutter During a Pandemic

It’s been a tough year. With most of the world still forced to work at home despite the many advances made in vaccine technology over the past year, we continue to feel the gravity of this pandemic. Now, imagine what it’s been like for the average at-home worker – they take pieces of their work with them, completely throwing off the usual work-life balance.

Monitors and computers sent from work, office supplies, and unused work clothes add to the contributing pile of junk in their homes. Combined with unused gym equipment, kids’ toys, and random stuff bought from Amazon, homes now begin to look more like zoos than either home or workspace. This is the experience for many people around the world, and the added pressure of having to produce in such stress-inducing environments makes life that much harder.

But, as with any problem in life, there is always an answer. For those of us superheroes juggling the new COVID-imposed work-life balance, consider renting storage. Self-storage is not only more efficient than letting junk pile, but it eases the pressure of having to work from home. Clutter-free environments boost productivity and help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Plus, another major benefit of having your own storage rental is that there’s no one to tell you that you can’t hoard collectibles. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to keep your valuable items pristine within the confines of a nice, air-conditioned personal storage space that’s both affordable and convenient.

For the non-collectors out there, self-storage is still an accessible and affordable solution to declutter and put yourself first. Storage rentals give you the power to keep your workspace and home-space clean and clear from clutter, and the advantages do not end there. In a contactless world, storage is your friend, with online rental tools and services provided through storage software like ClickandStor; there’s nowhere and no-time that you can’t keep your stuff stored.

So, in the midst of everything going on in the world and at home, cut yourself some slack. Find your nearest Mini U, get that storage space, and make that anxiety-inducing clutter a thing of the past.