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April 12, 2021

5 Tips to Manage Stress Before a Big Move

Moving is stressful. Everyone relocates at least once in their lifetime, and whether you move in the same city or to a different one entirely, it can be a pretty dreadful experience. Make your next move a stress-free one by following these five tips:

Move what you need, store what you don’t.
Decluttering your home is rewarding. Not only does decluttering free up space, but gives you time to organize and look at the items you own, helping you understand what you need and what you don’t. Taking the time to analyze your belongings relieves stress and decreases the load of the items you have to carry to your next destination. Furthermore, renting storage for the items you don’t need right away lowers the chance you lose a future necessity, saving you both time and money after the move.

Research essential moving supplies.
Being unprepared creates unnecessary anxiety. Before moving, be sure to research the supplies that you need. To guarantee a successful and stress-free move, make a list of the items you currently own and look for the type of boxes and packing supplies you’ll need to in order to pack properly. Avoiding last-minute packing disasters is key to reducing move-out and move-in anxiety.

Pack the essentials ahead of time.
Unpacking is strenuous and time-consuming. The first few days after moving into a new home can create uneasy feelings for you and your household. It takes time to adjust to a new space and area, especially as you try to handle laundry, grocery shopping, and personal hygiene at the same time. Reduce tension from a new move by preparing your essential items ahead of time. Pack clothes, toothbrushes, and food before the big move, so that you and your family spend less time worrying about where things are, and more time focused on getting your new place together.

Plan out your move-out day.
Plan ahead. Take control of your move-in by making sure that the move-out is planned. List all the items you have, pack everything into organized, labeled boxes, and make sure that you have a short-term or long-term storage plan for items that won’t be immediately necessary after moving in.

Find your nearest storage location.
Relieve stress before your big move by researching facilities in your area. Consider storage for those items you don’t need yet, and find the nearest facility that sells storage supplies. There are even some that provide truck rentals, so be sure to find a location that fits your needs.

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