Four Ways Storage Can Drive Your Creativity

June 10, 2021

Four Ways Storage Can Drive Your Creativity

Traditionally, a storage unit is just used as extra space to store. However, if you’re someone with a little more passion – like art or exercise – there are uses for a unit beyond storing. Before following this guide however, be sure to check with the rules and tenant guidelines at your facility, and express your passions respectably; remember, you are not the only tenant.

For the artists and the expressive fanatics out there, here are the four ways a unit can be used to drive your creativity:

Storage is in-expensive. If you can’t afford a traditional workspace and there isn’t any more room in your garage, renting a self-storage is a great way to get extra space to be yourself. At Mini U, units come in a variety of sizes, giving you the space to store anything, like collectibles, and the ability to use larger spaces anyway that you want, like turning your unit into a personal art studio. It is hard to compete with the affordability of a unit when you think of the countless potential uses. Visit your nearest facility and rent unit that fits your needs by giving you the space you need to fill your heart’s desire.

Storage is easy to access. Not only are units affordable, but easy to access. For the night owls, some facilities allow you to visit 24/7, so you can fill your creative appetite any time you need. Along with these, ask your nearest facility about their drive-up units – these units allow you to see your items by driving into it, giving you complete flexibility during those long study or expression sessions. Renting a unit bypasses the countless requirements to rent a studio apartment depending on your state; storage units are an extension of yourself you can visit any time you want, a home that’s not a home.

Your unit is yours alone. Storage units are private. This is a space that you pay for: facility management typically does not care what tenants do with their units if they are not storing prohibited items or disturbing other tenants. By renting a unit, you gain unparalleled access to a private space that’s yours alone. Furthermore, since most tenants don’t spend a lot of time around their units, your personal home away from home is quiet, a relaxing getaway from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of traditional home-spaces. Whether you’re studying, painting, or dancing, you’re doing it alone and in the confines of your own personal heaven.

Your space can inspire. The items you store can inspire your creativity. Leaving behind a classic Bon Jovi vinyl in your climate-controlled space? Or are you keeping your computers away from home for just a little while? Your items, no matter how small, dictate the overall feeling of your unit. Who knows? Maybe one day while you’re looking for inspiration to create your next biggest project, you’ll stumble upon a forgotten trinket in your space.

Whatever you decide to use your space for, Mini U Storage is here for you. With our large selection of units ranging from climate-controlled to drive-up units and varying in size, we have everything you need to harness your creativity with a space of your own. Visit your nearest Mini U today to find out what we can do for you.