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December 13, 2021

Four Tips to Make Renovating Your Home Easier

Short-term storage is easy and accessible. You don’t need a year-long contract to enjoy the benefits of having a storage room. Especially in today’s world, people looking for shorter term rentals is becoming increasingly common.

As you renovate your home, here are a couple of tips for managing your storage:

#1: Consider short-term.

Answer this (and feel free to look around your room): how long do you need storage? The first thing you should do is look at how long you’re going to be needing the extra space. Depending on the room you’re updating, it could be between a couple of months or a few days.
If you’re hiring a contractor, check in with them and get an estimate on how long the project will take. If you’re managing the project yourself, then give yourself enough time to move everything out and complete the project. Short-term storage is great for long or short-term projects, as you can move out at any time as long as you notify your facility’s manager.

#2: Look at how much you plan to store.

Nobody knows how much you need to store better than you. Look at the room receiving the renovation and determine what needs to go. If it’s your living room, then you’re going to need a unit that can hold a couch, a coffee table, and maybe an entertainment center. If it’s the bathroom, then look for a unit that can hold smaller items. Go with a size that best fits your needs for the renovation.

#3: Consider renting climate-control.

Climate controlled storage can help you protect your valuable items, like jewelry or temperature-sensitive electronics. For renovations, climate control is your safest bet against the sick and cruel humidity and moisture that usually builds up in your attic, garage, or basement. It’s worth the investment.

#4: Don’t pack your daily essentials.

Avoid packing anything you need throughout your day. Move your daily essentials to other places in your home. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to drive to your unit to brush your teeth. However, storage can help you gain some sense of organization and normalcy through the renovation process. Well, if you don’t pack up your toothbrush, clothes, or coffee maker.