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January 10, 2022

A Clear Space is a Clear Mind

It’s a new year. With more people than ever working from home, a good home working environment is more important than ever. Most remote workers need a spot where they can fit a desk, computer, and enough space to keep some important paperwork. However, it’s often an issue organizing this space.

While it’s great to work from home – since it relieves you from the stress of a commute and creates more opportunities to be productive – it’s not easy. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a work-life balance since you’re bringing the stresses of work with you. And sometimes it can be difficult to focus outside of the work environment because of your family. But the biggest threat to remote productivity is clutter and disorganization.

Clutter doesn’t facilitate the Zen needed to zone into work. When your desk starts piling with papers, the room around you becomes more difficult to work around. Not because of the physical clutter, but because of constant mental stimulation that comes from having an area with too much around it. You can’t focus with chaos, as much as you’d like to believe you can.

There’s a lot to balance when working at home, especially if you have a large family. It’s hard enough coming in for meetings while you have kids and a spouse at home with you. Kids will almost always take away some of your attention, and so will your spouse. Accidents can also happen that cut into productivity, like a new mess or a spill. When you add on the added challenge of trying to work while there’s no space in your office to be productive, you’re creating a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here’s a helpful tip from your friends at Mini U: just clear your desk. Remove all the clutter and try organizing your office space. Taking the time to organize creates a healthier work environment and gives you time to rebuild focus. We understand that the workweek can get hectic, so set some scheduled time to make sure that your environment doesn’t get as crazy as work. You can even make organizing your New Year’s resolution.

Decluttering is self-care. By making time to make sure that your environment is clean, you’re making more time to focus on yourself. When you’re working from home, sometimes you can lose out on some quality self-time. Don’t let disorganization and clutter pile on to it.