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June 10, 2022

Your Guide on How to Store Wine

For any wine lover, having your own collection of wine is the end goal. And people can struggle to meet this goal for any number of reasons, whether financial or personal. But no one should be kept away from their dreams due to a reason as innocuous as having nowhere to keep your wine collection. For those who don’t have a wine cellar or basement, or for those who simply don’t have the space at all, keeping your collection of wine in a storage unit is a fantastic option. Here are a few reasons why storage units were made for storing wine.

Heat and Humidity

It’s universally understood that wine is best kept in an ideal environment. That means storing it at the right temperature and controlling the amount of humidity. Hopefully, you’ve decided to go with the best kind of storage unit, one that is temperature-controlled. Too much heat will speed up the aging process. Too much cold and the alcohol will be preserved, but the cork may dry out, causing leakage. No matter where you live when storing in a unit that has this kind of environmental control, something like a wine refrigerator will be an unnecessary investment.


Light is very bad for wine and can spoil it. Protection from the light will keep your wine preserved and aging for much longer. Coincidentally, storage units are perfectly suited for this requirement. What’s a better way to store wine than in a windowless, dark room? For those who don’t have a basement or wine cellar, this alternative is perfect. Oftentimes, storage facilities will have the option to store your wine with them. Take advantage of this should your local storage facility have this option.


The best way to store a wine bottle is on its side. This is because the wine itself keeps the cork wet, preventing it from drying out. This keeps the wine longer and prevents it from being spoiled. It’s also indirectly a good way to save space for your wine collection. The best way to keep the wine stored this way is by purchasing wine shelving or making it yourself with some wood and hardware from your local home improvement store. These shelves will not only help store your wine collection in the right direction but also prevent the vibrations of the outside world from penetrating your collection. Too much vibration will disturb the wine and degrade the sediments that give it its flavor and characteristics.