Benefits of Contactless Storage in a Post-Pandemic World - Blog

August 10, 2022

The Benefits of Contactless Storage in a Post-Pandemic World

Maybe you remember an event that occurred a few years ago that changed everything overnight. I don’t need to tell you that the pandemic thrust society into a new era of technology and how it shapes our lives. The tech was there, but the utilization of it was slow–until a certain virus disrupted everyone’s lives and forced us to adapt at lightning speed. Companies rolled out their business models to include the integration of technology to limit human contact at a time when it was necessary. Workers began working from home in droves, solving some problems while creating a few others.

Even now, with the pandemic waning, companies are still thriving with these virtual policies. Restaurants and food deliveries became contactless, along with companies that no one suspected would ever adapt: self-storage. And with this new adaption, self- storage facilities haven’t looked back. For any downsides that come with this new business practice, the upsides make up for them. Here’s a list of the pros of contactless self-storage and why the benefits outweigh any headaches the new tech can cause.

Unlimited Access

This is the major reason. At first, contactless self-storage was a way to safely store your things while maintaining a social distance. But one of the unexpected attributes was just how convenient the business model was. Contactless storage became convenient because all business was conducted by phone or online, speeding up a lot of processes and saving a lot of time and headaches. Suddenly, facility access became 24/7, or close to it. Just pull up to the entrance, input your code, or swipe your card and access is instantaneous. Storing your things this way suddenly feels like the old way was living in the Stone Age.

Contactless Bill Pay

Contactless bill pay comes with several advantages. The first is that contactless bill pay is set up for ease of use and consistency. Online banking is more secure than ever and tapping on that button that says “Pay Bill” became easier than writing out a check or even swiping your credit card. The second is that companies often provide discounts should their customers set up auto-pay for their monthly bills. This discount that is passed along to customers not only makes them happy, but helps the company in streamlining its services, and in return, serves more people. It is a win-win. The third is the setting up and utilization of loyalty programs. These programs offer deals and benefits to their members, and signup is usually at no cost.

Cheaper Rates

Possibly the most important reason storage companies are staying contactless is how much money they save. With everything being online and floating in that virtual sphere, costs associated with physical business were cut dramatically. Budgets for things like paper and office space were slashed, and other more physical resources were done away with to continue the price decreases.

Contactless is here to stay. Ready or not, the success of your facility will rely heavily on what sort of technology is utilized. You want to keep up with the trends that are successful to keep your company relevant and profitable. Don’t let the new technology intimidate you: you can do this.