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September 9, 2022

How to Pack: Glassware

Whether you’re moving or downsizing, you’re going to have to store away some pretty fragile things. As much as you try to minimalize your space with your belongings, some very breakable items are an issue that you have to get around. Unless you’re first starting with your new apartment, chances are you have some glassware that you need to haul. It can be intimidating to move belongings around that are so easily breakable, but we have some steps for you to take to make sure disaster doesn’t strike.

Supplies You Will Need:
  • Small, sturdy boxes or plastic containers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Old newspaper
  • Old towels, rags, or clothes
  • Tape and tape dispensers
  • Markers or labels

  • Steps in Packing:

    1. Cushion Completely

    The best way to prevent breakage during transport is to supply as much cushion as possible. Stuffing newspapers or old clothes in the bottom of your boxes before storing them will provide that buffer. Also stuffing rags and towels in between wrapped items will provide an additional barrier and keep the items from jostling around during a move.

    2. Wrap Thoroughly

    When packing glassware, it’s a good rule of thumb to pack it in a way where glass is not touching any material you haven’t wrapped it in. Fully wrap bubble wrap or old rags around each piece of glassware. If you have a stack of plates, wrap them individually instead of the whole set. It’s a tedious task, but a most effective one. Stuff old socks or dish towels inside of glasses to create a buffer in the hollow space. Clean your items beforehand so unpacking becomes easier.

    3. Pack Strategically

    Your heavier glass pieces should be placed at the bottom of the containers you pack them into. Uneven weight distribution not only makes for harder transport but it can damage and break any glass through the sheer stress of the weight pressing down upon it.

    4. Tape Carefully

    It’s a comedy trope: someone picks up a cardboard box, after carefully store it, only for the box to open at the bottom and spill out the contents. It’s funny on the screen, but in the real world–not so much. You have to be careful, since broken glass is hazardous, and taping those boxes of glassware to the point of overdoing it isn’t such a bad idea.

    5. Label Accordingly

    Use markers or labels to indicate on the outside of the boxes what is in them. It may seem like an inconsequential detail, but organizing your boxes now will save you the stress later. Organizing is the best way to keep yourself from losing any precious pieces and makes the moving process much simpler.

    Some Things to Consider

    Overfilling your boxes is not going to do you any favors. It may be tempting to speed up the process when you’re in the middle of packing up your entire home, but loading all of your glassware into one or two large boxes isn’t safe or effective. You want to carefully space out your items in small but sturdy containers, and when completely packed, your box of fragile glass should be fairly light and bulky with all the padded protection. Your lower back will also thank you as glassware gets heavy quickly.

    If you need somewhere to store that glassware until you have a permanent place for it, we have storage available for your items. With monthly leases and the options of units to come standard or upgraded, your belongings will be safe with us.