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October 11, 2022

Seasonal Storage: Fall

Do you have storage to fall back on? As the season’s change, so should your organizational needs. Summer fun may be over, but fall can be just as fun. It’s the time of year when everything starts to cool down, except for holiday plans. Pumpkin spice lattes and Instagram pictures of the changing leaves are just a few things to get excited about during the fall season. Ramp up your fall experience by being ready for the season. Now is the time to pack up those pool toys and store away that boat for the coming winter.

What exactly does seasonal storage entail when it comes to cooler weather? Below, a checklist has been provided for you. This is just a guide on what you should store away and what you should take out, but your list may vary. Your biggest concern should be planning it out and cleaning your equipment for use next year.

What Features to Look for:

Depending on what sort of things you intend to store, you’ll want to consider what type of rental you will need for your belongings. Although many rentals come standard, more and more are being equipped with specifications to match your needs. Here is what we recommend for your upcoming seasonal organization.

  • Climate-controlled. Fall is a time of extreme temperature swings. Keeping your things stored in a place that is climate neutral will help protect your things from damage. You wouldn’t necessarily need an air-conditioned space, but if you plan to store things all year long, it wouldn’t hurt to look into it. Your local facility should have the option of upgraded buildings for you to store your things with ease and security.

  • Drive-up. Facilities that offer this as an option are a must. Some facilities have the option of covered parking, while others do not. Whether or not your facility offers this, it is a good idea to use a cover when not in use to protect those large investments.

  • What Items to Remove:

    Be careful when removing your things from your rental. Even after taking all of the precautions, it’s a good idea to dust off and shake around your items–especially any clothing. This is to get rid of any critters that may have made your pool covers and sweaters home. You will also want to double-check your appliances by plugging them into a nearby outlet to test them out. Here is a starting point for your checklist. Your items will vary, but remember that for every container you empty, that is an extra container to store your summer items

    Some items to remove include:

  • Warmer/fall clothes
  • Sweaters, jackets, and hoodies
  • College dorm furniture/appliances
  • School supplies
  • Pool cover
  • Boat/RV covers
  • Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations

  • What to Store:

    Before storing your summer items, you want to make sure all of your towels, toys, and tables are thoroughly dried before being put away. You don’t want to leave any traces of moisture within your belongings. Even if you have a rental that is equipped to handle the autumn weather, the tiniest bit of water can wreak havoc on your items.

  • Patio Furniture
  • Pool floats/toys
  • Pool maintenance equipment
  • Gardening equipment
  • Summer clothing and swimsuits
  • Sprinklers and hoses
  • Beach gear
  • Water vehicles: boats, jet skis, etc.
  • Summer decorations
  • Boats/Rvs/other larger vehicles
  • Beach towels/blankets

  • Don’t fall behind on your organization this year. It’s never too late to have a game plan and rejuvenate your space in the changing seasons. It should be simple and we like to make the process straightforward. If you need space to store your equipment, Mini U Storage has all the options available to make your clutter clearing uncomplicated.