Beginner's Guide to Thanksgiving Storage - Mini U Storage Blog

November 14, 2022

The Beginner’s Guide to Thanksgiving Storage

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the concept of self-storage is probably low on your to-do list this season. But if you’re like most people, Thanksgiving for the last few years has been weird and transitional, so this year it would stand to reason that you will want to go all out. That might mean out-of-state relatives and friends visiting for an extended period, or it might mean that you’ve decided to ramp up your craft game. Whatever your plans this holiday, utilizing storage to make things go smoothly will be your best bet.

Here are some ideas to get your holiday started. With different options for storage and the wide-sweeping integration of contactless, organizing your household for those big holiday events becomes so much more manageable. Take these tips to turn the season into a time to remember.

Special Dishes

Thanksgiving is a time for rich recipes to serve an army of people. With families gathering that include immediate and extended members, small dishware and place settings won’t cut it. If you don’t already have some of these dishes in a unit, now is a perfect time to purchase them. And with space already available, you can put away these dishes to use for the next major holiday season. Dishes will include:

  • China plates, bowls, and platters
  • Extra large crockpots
  • Dutch oven
  • Roasting pans
  • Cake pans/bakeware
  • Large serving platters and utensils
  • Extra dinnerware: plates, spoons, forks
  • Wine or champagne glasses
  • Serving or punch bowls
  • When packing away your dishware, especially fine china and glassware, make sure to individually wrap the pieces with an old cloth or bubble wrap. This is just an extra step to prevent breaking your special dishes.

    Holiday Decorations

    Whether you’ve decided to craft that pinecone wreath yourself or you’re taking out the bargain bin selection after the last holiday, Thanksgiving won’t be complete without the decorations. The holidays are a joyous and special occasion that should be celebrated properly. Stock up on your decor during the after-holiday clearance sales at your local home goods store. Have craft parties with friends and family to create your unique Thanksgiving decorations. Pick out the perfect sports memorabilia to display on the mantel. Reuse your decorations by storing them away in airtight, plastic containers to keep away dust and pests.


    Whether you need to store away furniture or take it out, your space will benefit from it. If you have family staying for a while and you need space to open up that pull-out couch, storing away those items that are in the way just until the holiday season is over is an easy solution. Maybe you have extra tables and chairs that you need to dust off to make sure everyone has a place to sit. Make sure when storing furniture that the items have been cleaned thoroughly. Wrap your furniture carefully to seal away moisture and bugs. It is also a good idea to keep your furniture from sitting directly on the ground and using pallets or furniture pads will solve this issue.

    By strategically planning and executing this holiday season, you will not only benefit from the tools at your disposal but also in seasons to come. You don’t have to be especially crafty or creative to celebrate. And whether your family gathering is big or small, utilizing self storage for your holiday planning will make hosting at your place a must. With so many creative uses and a myriad of ways to use it to your advantage, space may be the thing you’re most thankful for this holiday season.