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February 13, 2023

Many Uses of Storage: Mini Meditation Space

If only you had the space you needed to get away and explore those hobbies you otherwise wouldn’t get to participate in simply because you don’t have the capacity. A unit doesn’t have to serve just one purpose.

Since you pay for the unit, it stands to reason you can use that capacity however you see fit. Whether you know what you want to spend your free time on or you need some time to explore, utilizing you place could be the answer you’re looking for.

The world is constantly changing, and it seems as though that change is coming at a rapid pace. Work and home life have suddenly merged for the majority of people. Creating a place just for relaxation can help both the mind and body. You can create for yourself a meditation escape with a little creativity and flexibility. Focus on relaxing your senses and your mind will follow. Here are just a few pointers to help you maximize that unit and create an escape your friends will be envious of.


The hardest part should be how you’re going to set up your meditation area. Are you going for an atmosphere of rejuvenation and energy? Or are your tastes more neutral and calming? Whatever the vibe, deck out your storage with the right lighting and calming colors. Light blues and grays will conjure more relaxing feelings, while green is more energizing.

Fairy lights or light strips, along with multifunctional lamps can create the right tones and bathe the space in a warm, soft light. With the right decor, the functionality of a room will be enhanced: a soft rug or yoga mat, along with decorative plants and posters, will serve more than just aesthetic purposes.


There is a new demand for soothing sounds available to the public, as evidenced by the explosion of ambiance-related playlists, soundtracks, and YouTube videos. White noise has been used for several years by meditation professionals. But now those bulky noise machines have been turned into apps for your mobile device.

The new trend of lo-fi and other ambiance soundtracks has also kicked off–and for good reason. Filling your room with the right tunes or sounds can help with creating the atmosphere you desire. Investing in cheap, portable Bluetooth speakers or headphones is a small price to pay for relaxing sounds in your special place.


Aromatherapy has found its niche in the current cultural zeitgeist. There isn’t anything less relaxing than stepping into a place and being hit by a wave of mixed odors that shouldn’t be mixed. Pleasant scents are calming and can get you in the right headspace. You too can include relaxing scents in your meditation way. Potpourri, aerosol sprays, oil diffusers, and candle warmers are good alternatives to open flame sources such as candles and incense.

Meditation is simple, how you choose to calm your thoughts is up to you. Many people find the standard meditation methods to be monotonous and difficult to do the right way. But there isn’t a right way. The point is to clear your mind and alleviate your anxieties, and even if that means mind-numbing scrolling, you’re still dedicating time to your mental well-being. Mindfulness is the goal and achieving it is a personal journey into self-actualization.

Need a little room to meditate? Mini U Storage has what you need so you can namaste your storage experience. With a rental process, you can complete on your mobile device and a lot of different types of rentals to choose from, you can find the best solution for you. Contact us today to get started.