6 Self-Storage Myths Debunked - Mini U Storage

June 9, 2023

6 Self-Storage Myths Debunked

The notion of self-storage is still an abstract concept for those who have never used it before. The advent of reality television shows has thrust the concept into public consciousness, making more people aware of it than ever before. There are some misconceptions and false presumptions surrounding the industry, which is why Mini U Storage is here to bust some of the myths.

1. It’s only a temporary solution.

It can be if that’s what you need. The self-storage industry has come a long way in business policies. And while most companies will request a lease with a certain amount of time promised, Mini U Storage provides month-to-month leases, so you only pay for what you need.

Should you need to add more rental space or downsize your storage, you can do that too. In fact, the industry has progressed to serve you, so whatever the storage need, you are sure to find the solution.

2. Storage units are rarely taken care of.

A facility that doesn’t guarantee clean rentals is not a facility you want to give your business to. Fortunately, most facilities have gotten the message, and clean and affordable storage units are standard in the industry. Another standard is pest prevention, and any facility worth its weight in salt will provide that for its customers as added protection.

There are also plenty of upgraded rentals to take storing away those belongings to the next level. Along with standard, there is also air-conditioned storage, heated storage, and climate-controlled storage. It’s a wise choice whether you need to keep things hot or cold or remove moisture.

3. My belongings won’t be as secure.

Storage facilities take steps to protect their tenants’ belongings. After all, the reputation of the facility is at stake. Currently, facilities are equipping themselves with the tools to make storing your items even more secure.

Measures such as security gates with personal access codes are needed upon entry. Fenced-in and gated, facilities often monitor their buildings via recorded video surveillance. Oftentimes, facilities offer locks for sale or have them already installed, or they let their tenants bring their own, but the rentals are never left unlocked.

4. It’s only for people with too many possessions.

Sometimes, we could all use a little extra space. There are plenty of reasons why self-storage is a viable option. People often utilize it while they move in the case of downsizing. While renovating or remodeling your home, tucking away your furniture into storage rather than taking up all of the space in your home makes for an easier time. You can also use it year-round for storing away items for the seasons as they change and keeping your home and life organized.

We have a wide range of ideas when it comes to utilizing storage space. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

5. Anything can be stored.

While there are lots of items you can store, there is a rule of thumb that there are certain items you must never keep in a facility. If you wouldn’t store it under your bed, don’t place it in a facility. The big no-gos include the following:

  • Explosives, or anything that can detonate
  • Toxic chemicals, such as acids, cleaning chemicals, and toxic waste
  • Flammable items including paint, fuel, and solvents
  • Any food, drink, or perishables that can attract insects
  • Any living creature
6. Renting requires a lot of paperwork.

The rental process has become easier than ever. In the last few years, touchless technology has dominated the industry, and the progress has been astounding.

With new integrations in web tools, the process to rent a storage unit has become mobile. At Mini U Storage, we are one of the many storage facilities adopting this new technology to make renting a straightforward process.